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As ready mix producers and concrete product producers, you strive to meet your customers’ product specifications, delivery demands and quality expectations. With this in mind, Argos provides high-performing cement products and services that you are looking for.

Argos has the quality control systems in place to ensure product consistency, strength, set times and durability to meet various concrete applications. Our cement product solutions offer you the flexibility and confidence you need to successfully:

  • Optimize material costs
  • Increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Improve aesthetics, strength and/or durability
  • Reduce the environmental impact of concrete production

With four cement plants, three grinding facilities and 20 cement terminals, plus an integrated logistics network, we reliably serve customers from Pennsylvania to Florida, and Texas to the Carolinas. Additionally, we can offer technical services and advisory solutions, such as mix design to meet your specifications, on-site job support, trouble shooting, lab testing, training and continuing education.