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Argos USA has a strong track record of quality and innovation across the spectrum of concrete projects including residential, commercial, highways and bridges, and public works. Browse through a few samples from our portfolio:

Interstate I-26 Widening and Overpass Improvements

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Charleston, S.C.

Cubic Yards: 90,000+

Date: 2008 – 2011

Project consisted of widening and upgrading one of the most traveled sections of highway in South Carolina – an interstate in the heart of the transportation artery for Charleston and surrounding cities.

I-440 Pedestrian Bridge

Project Type: Infrastructure, Self-consolidating Concrete

Location: Raleigh, NC Cubic Yards: 1,000

Date: 2005

First application of self-consolidating concrete in North Carolina DOT project.Using lighter-colored concrete reduced lighting requirements, saving energy costs.

North Carolina Highway 64 Bypass

Location: Raleigh, NC

Cubic Yards: 42,000

Date: 2003

North Carolina Western Wake Freeway to NC 55

Project Type: Infrastructure, Sustainable

Location: Raleigh, NC

Cubic Yards: 80,000

Date: January 2013 completion

This project also involves 38 new bridges, including 10 twin spans built from temporary platforms to minimize impact to environmentally sensitive waterways.

DFW Connector

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Cubic Yards: 30,000

Date: To be completed in 2014

SH 26 Paving

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Grapevine, TX

Cubic Yards: 30,000

Date: 2011

Longhorn Blvd. Paving

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Saginaw, TX

Cubic Yards: 23,000

Date: 2011

SH 288 Grade Separation

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Houston, TX

Cubic Yards: 21,500

Date: 2011

This Texas DOT project took place in an extremely high-traffic area and included a change in application specifications during construction. We met the challenges, resulting in a pleased customer.

State Highway I-610 to I-45 Road Construction

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Houston, TX

Cubic Yards: 20,000

Date: Ongoing

Fifty percent of concrete placement was at night to minimize traffic disruption.

Port Road

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Seabrook, TX

Cubic Yards: 26,759

Date: Ongoing

Working in an area of high truck traffic going into the Port of Houston required placing 80 percent of concrete at night, including three 1,900-cubic-yard pours averaging 170 cubic yards/hour. Texas DOT representative commented that this was the "best project he has seen in the last ten years."

Savannah Streetscapes at MLK Boulevard

Project Type: Infrastructure

Location: Savannah, GA

Customer: JHC Corporation

Cubic Yards: +/- 1,000

Date: 2011

This colored concrete project was completed using Solomon Color #417 Apple Red and Architectural White Cement in all concrete. Customer expectation was exceeded with the consistent color performance from our Solomon Color machine.

I-95 & I-20 Rehab Project

Project Type: Argos 4x4Crete

Location: Florence, SC

Cubic Yards: 46,500+

Date: October 2009 to January 2011

Extracted and replaced failing 50-year-old concrete. SC I-95 from mile markers 150 to 193 – north and south bound lanes and SC I-20 from mile markers 131 to 116 – east and west bound lanes. Highway was opened to traffic six hours after placement.