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Concrete QA Process - Quality Assurance Expertise
The Argos USA Quality Management System is based on the guidelines and principles of ACI 121, the American Concrete Institute Quality Management System for Concrete Construction. It includes carefully selected raw materials, our own standard and custom mix designs, thorough process control and in-house testing.

Quadrel - Unique Testing & Quality Assurance Capabilities
Our outstanding commitment to quality concrete products and service is evident in our use of the latest information and testing technologies. Use of these technologies gives us unique capabilities for the design, management, and quality assurance of our concrete products.

As concrete cures and, as a consequence of its reaction develops with the mix water, the gluing action in the cementitious materials, a steady process of heat evolution occurs. This heat evolution, which is also referred to as the heat of hydration, parallels strength development. Using Quadrel® - Information Technology Solutions for Concrete - and its companion Adiabatic Heat Signature (AHS) testing technology (an automated method for measuring the heat of hydration and its rate versus the degree of maturity), Argos has access to concrete performance data which is not otherwise readily available.

AHS is a basic material property, which is closely correlated to a cementitious mixture's physical and chemical make-up. A Quadrel iService-compatible QdrumT calorimeter is used to measure the heat signature using a computer-automated method. Quadrel iService evaluates heat signature data in terms of concrete quality as influenced by the mixture's physical and chemical makeup. AHS data is an essential element for forecasting simulating concrete performance under field conditions.

Quadrel iService, a state-of-the-art information technology and test equipment solution, combines these heat signature and simulation functions with comprehensive concrete data management to provide Argos with the concrete industry's only total product management solution.

Preparing samples for
heat signature testing


Preparing thermo-couplings
for field evaluation of
concrete thermal profile
and performance