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Building a new neighborhood means realizing the dreams of the future homeowners. New homes must be attractive to home buyers, but that beauty should be tempered by the specifications and requirements that keep the home safe for the crew that builds it and the family that will love it for years to come. With our wide range of specially formulated residential concrete mixes, you will be able to handle any specification or need.

Our ready mix concrete designs are cost-effective, sustainable, and produce proven results for any type of residential project, whether you’re pouring simple slabs and driveways, or creating custom-colored patios and sidewalks. Let our portfolio of residential concrete products help you wow your customers with your next residential project. Learn more about our specialty mixes for residential projects below.

Palette Crete®

Palette Crete® is a portfolio of colored concrete available in an endless number of colors to complement your project. It’s perfect for turn lanes, roundabouts, duct bank work with electrical, tilt walls, and many other DOT projects.

ConcreFlow® SCC

ConcreFlow® SCC is an extremely flowable, non-segregating concrete mix designed to fill formwork and encapsulate congested reinforcing areas. ConcreFlow SCC requires little to no vibration, helping you to stay efficient and save time. In addition to its broad usage as a time saver, ConcreFlow also has several special commercial applications, such as marine mixes, mixes designed for corrosive environments, seawalls, sound barrier walls, and mixes for pre-cast facilities.

Drain Crete®

A highly-porous, pervious concrete, Drain Crete® allows water to flow through, reducing runoff and returning water to underground aquifers. Sidewalks, parking lots and driveways can all benefit from using Drain Crete.

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Fiber-reinforced concrete can help control shrinkage cracking and/or replace steel reinforcement by utilizing various synthetic, natural or steel fibers of various lengths suited to your needs.