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Although mix design specifications for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) vary by state – from the ASTM standards the mix should meet to the types of cement, additives and fibers that can be used – Argos has a range of mixes that meet or exceed DOT requirements. Our DOT mixes have a proven track record of consistency and predictability, and have been relied on by contractors for all kinds of civil and highway projects.

For both non-structural and structural projects, we offer mix design solutions suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Bridge decks
  • Mass concrete pours
  • Paving (hand, slip form and pumpable)
  • High-early applications (24-hour to 3-day)
  • Inlets, curb, sidewalk, aprons, culverts and endwalls
  • Gravity walls and sound walls
  • Drill shafts (slump retention)
  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Valley gutter
  • Edgedrain

We understand that you might need support when it comes to addressing technical specifications and other project-specific needs. Our in-house Quality Control (QC) experts are available to all our customers to partner with you and ensure your project’s success.

You can learn more about our specialty concrete products below. For the best mix to meet your specifications, reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members.


With high-early strength, easy placement, and increased workability, ConcrePave® helps you complete paving and other flatwork projects efficiently and on time. The ConcrePave family also includes low shrinkage slab mixes perfect for shrinkage compensating floors.

Drain Crete®

A highly-porous, pervious concrete, Drain Crete® allows water to flow through, reducing runoff and returning water to underground aquifers. Sidewalks, parking lots and driveways can all benefit from using Drain Crete.

ConcreFlow® SCC

ConcreFlow® SCC is an extremely flowable, non-segregating concrete mix designed to fill formwork and encapsulate congested reinforcing areas. ConcreFlow SCC requires little to no vibration, helping you to stay efficient and save time. In addition to its broad usage as a time saver, ConcreFlow also has several special commercial applications, such as marine mixes, mixes designed for corrosive environments, seawalls, sound barrier walls, and mixes for pre-cast facilities.

Palette Crete®

Palette Crete® is a portfolio of colored concrete available in an endless number of colors to complement your project. It’s perfect for turn lanes, roundabouts, duct bank work with electrical, tilt walls, and many other DOT projects.