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The Right Concrete Mix For Whatever You're Building

Concrete is a key component in any construction project, so whether you’re building a sophisticated high rise, a state-of-the-art bridge or a row of beautifully designed homes, your concrete selection can make or break your project. Concrete products provide solutions for a range of construction needs, from structural to decorative, and choosing a concrete product is about more than just meeting specifications. You need a concrete solution that is proven, delivers on quality, and performs exceptionally. Even more, you need a solution that is delivered in a timely manner by a company with proven expertise and a dedication to customer service. The right mix delivered by the right company can help set your project apart and can even save you time and money along the way.

As a ready mixed concrete supplier with decades of experience, we’ve just about seen it all, which is why we are able to provide concrete solutions for even the most challenging projects, across sectors and locations. If you need a custom mix, we will work with you to meet the specifications for your project, whether it’s a high-early strength mix, a self-consolidating concrete, or a vibrant custom color. At Argos, we understand how important efficiency is on the job site. With so many external factors weighing in that can slow down a job, like weather and manpower, we’ve committed ourselves to making sure our solutions can help you get ahead. We’re doing this by constantly innovating and developing new solutions and mixes that can make your jobs more efficient.

In addition to our technical expertise, our large footprint of ready mix plants across the southern United States means we have the resources to support your project. When you choose Argos as your ready mix provider, you get a dedicated partner with the expertise and resources to make your project the best it can be.

Concrete Mixes

Residential Mixes

Our concrete mixtures for residential projects are optimized to provide durable performance for installation and future wear, so those homes can house happy families for years to come.

Commercial Mixes

Whether it’s high rise buildings, tilt-up warehouses or shopping centers, Argos has performance-enhanced mixtures that meet all of your specification needs and retain their user-friendly workability so that it can be placed and finished efficiently.

Highway / Civil Mixes

Argos has a long history of supplying Department of Transportation (DOT) projects, and we can provide mixes that meet your state’s strict requirements, while offering you plenty of time to place and finish it.

Homeowner / DIY Mixes

If you want to pour a new driveway or build a beautiful patio for your family to enjoy, look no further than Argos. We provide high-performing, beautiful concrete that is still user-friendly enough for a homeowner or contractor to place and finish.