In more active seismic regions or on very tall buildings where movement happens, builders, owners and future tenants need assurances that the bond between the mortar and the masonry units is strong and secure. For projects like these, Argos Superbond™ mortar cement is the ideal solution. Unlike regular masonry cement, Superbond mortar cement combines outstanding bond strength, extent of bond, workability and compressive strength, making it ideal for tall slender walls, stone, manufactured concrete veneer stone and foundations.

Argos Superbond Types N and S exceed the standard ASTM C1329 specifications for mortar cement and, when prepared, meet ASTM C270 as well as TMS 402/602, the building code requirements and specifications for masonry structures in every wind and seismic category. Although most Superbond applications call for grey mortar, Superbond can be special ordered in custom colors.

So, if your masonry project requires an extra level of strength, look no further than Argos Superbond mortar cement.