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Stucco is a time-tested and beautiful exterior finish for buildings and homes. It offers flexibility of texture and design, combined with the strength, durability and toughness that comes from portland cement mixes. However, to get the best results, you need a stucco mix that provides excellent workability, resists cracking and bonds strongly whenever you apply it.

At Argos, we’ve made getting the right stucco mix simple and easy. Our stucco cements meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C926 portland cement plaster. The materials that go into our stucco cements are tested carefully to meet all specifications including for workability, strength and color.

Super Stucco

Super Stucco glides on smoothly and delivers excellent bond, while its early strength gain helps resist cracking and crazing. The consistency of our Super Stucco cement makes it easy to define texture and create a beautiful, weather-resistant finish. Super Stucco displays superior compressive, tensile and bond strength. The compressive strength improves the stucco’s hardness and durability, and its tensile strength aids in resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Additionally, Super Stucco has excellent water retention characteristics, and its hardening is timed to permit good suction and a better bond.

Super “n” Sand Stucco

Super “n” Sand Stucco mix is a pre-blended, high-strength stucco mix with sand. Unlike Super Stucco, Super “n” Sand Stucco mix requires only the addition of water to achieve the desired consistency. Super “n” Sand Stucco can be applied to solid and metal lath plaster bases, including cast-in-place and precast concrete, concrete masonry, clay masonry and metal lath.