Achieving quality masonry construction requires more than your average cement. Masonry jobs have unique workability needs that enable masons to efficiently complete the project, while still meeting the desired strength requirements of the project.

Argos masonry cement is specially formulated for use in construction projects using brick, block or stone. Our masonry cement blends portland cement, limestone, plasticizers, and an air-entraining agent to produce a cement better suited to masonry projects. The plasticizers absorb water, increasing workability, and the air-entrainment reduces the potential of freeze-thaw damage and provides additional workability.

We constantly monitor and test the characteristics of our masonry cement to ensure we are offering masons the best possible product. Argos masonry cement brands include MAGNOLIA, FLORIDA SUPER and BRICK-LOK, produced in Types N, S and M, as well as MAGNOLIA Color masonry in a variety of colors. All Argos masonry cement meets the physical requirements and performance properties of ASTM C91.

The end result? Excellent workability. Reduced production and cleaning time. Less waste. Quality masonry construction.