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Argos packaged cement offers high-quality solutions for any application or color range, from high strength applications to historical restoration, and rich, dark colors to light pastels. Our bagged cement products can be used for jobs both large and small.

We have decades of experience creating packaged cement products that are ideal for use in both beautiful and technically challenging projects. By controlling our raw materials and continually testing our products to ensure product quality and uniformity, we can produce product solutions ideal for a homeowner patching a garden wall or an architect designing a LEED®-certified building. Let our product portfolio support you on your next job.

Portland Cement

Argos packaged portland cement provides the same high-quality Argos products in sizes convenient for smaller projects. We even offer our blended portland cements in packages, enabling even the smallest of projects to be more environmentally sustainable. Our blended portland option is available in certain markets, so discuss with your sales representative to see if this might be a solution for your project.

White Portland Cement

Argos offers rich, beautiful white cement in bag sizes convenient for smaller projects. White portland cement possesses lasting aesthetic appeal perfect for projects where looks matter.

Magnolia Masonry Cement

Argos masonry cement is specially formulated for use in the construction of brick, block, and thick stone structures. The quality characteristics of this product produce excellent workability, which promotes reduced production and cleaning time and leads to more consistent quality masonry construction.

Colored Masonry Cement

For our custom color masonry cement, we use only the highest quality natural and synthetic pigments and carry options in brown, black, red, white, blue, green and every shade in between. If you’re looking for custom colors, our team of experts will work closely with you to match or create entirely new colors that are just the way you imagined. Argos’ custom color masonry cement portfolio can turn any job into a work of art, while meeting the requirements of ASTM C91.

Stucco Cement

Stucco is a time-tested and beautiful exterior finish for buildings and homes. It offers flexibility of texture and design, combined with the strength, durability and toughness that comes from portland cement mixes. The materials that go into our stucco cements are tested carefully to meet all specifications including for workability, strength and color. With Argos on your side, getting a quality stucco cement mix is simple. Argos stucco cement meets the requirements of ASTM C926.

Eaglebond® Portland Cement Lime

If you’re looking for a classic blend of portland cement and lime, Eaglebond® cement is pre-blended to give you perfect proportions, with no loss of strength and a consistent color.

Superbond™ Mortar Cement

For masonry projects that require a guarantee bond strength, Superbond™ mortar cement, unlike regular masonry cement, has a minimum bond strength requirement that makes it perfect for challenging projects, like those in active seismic areas or for tall buildings.