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The construction industry moves quickly, and your projects, especially the most time-sensitive and critical ones, need to stay on schedule. When you need to maintain a rapid pace of construction, turn to portland Type III cement.

Portland Type III cement is a high early strength cement, most often used in construction applications where it is critical to maximize compressive strength during the first 24 hours. The high early strength stems from being more finely ground, which speeds cement hydration and drives faster reaction times than portland Type I and II cement.

As a result, concrete made with portland Type III cement can bear loads sooner than other types and reduces the time precast elements need to remain in their forms. It’s also a good choice for projects requiring prestressed or post-tensioned concrete, or for projects that must be completed in cold weather.

Like all Argos portland cements, bulk portland Type III cement is a high-quality, cost-effective basic building material and can be used in virtually all forms of construction, from hospitals and homes to schools, tunnels, and airports. Argos bulk portland cement meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of ASTM C150 and AASHTO M 85.