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Imagine every project that you can build for your customers—every home or high-rise, every road or bridge. With Argos portland cement, you can make your customers’ dreams a reality.

If you want your project to be high quality, you build it with high quality products. Argos portland cement has been the go-to product for ready mix producers, concrete product manufacturers, contractors, masons and builders for decades because of its consistent high quality. Our cement undergoes strict lab chemical and physical testing to ensure that we are bringing a high quality, consistent product to market. Our comprehensive line of portland cements exceeds appropriate industry standards to offer solutions and value to you, our customer.

Portland Type I/II Cement

Portland Type I/II cement is typically considered a general-purpose cement and is most often used for general construction purposes, such as precast concrete products, reinforced buildings, floors, sewers, bridges, and pavements. Argos portland Type I/II cement provides a moderate sulfate resistance to exceed the applicable ASTM and AASHTO chemical and physical requirements, ASTM C150 and AASHTO M 85.

Portland Type IL Cement

Argos portland Type IL is a blended portland limestone cement that permits an interblending of naturally occurring limestone to a maximum allowance of 15 percent. Type IL cements are more environmentally friendly than portland cements and have very similar performance to portland Type I/II cements. Argos Type IL uses a 10 percent limestone blend for a sustainable building solution that also significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Argos portland Type IL cement meets ASTM C595, AASHTO M 240 and ASTM C1157.