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High-quality bulk cement products to meet a wide range of construction needs

Our comprehensive line of cement products offers our customers the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the construction industry. From technical blends to sustainable materials, Argos cements exceed appropriate industry standards and offer innovative solutions for ready mix producers, concrete product manufacturers, contractors, masons, builders and municipal authorities alike.

With a rich history in the cement industry dating back to the 1930s, we have the technical expertise that can only be achieved through decades of experience in the field. That experience, along with our state-of-the-art laboratory and research facilities, passion for innovation and deep knowledge of construction materials, enables us to be a valuable partner for any of your construction projects.

Portland Type I/II, III and IL Cement

Argos portland cement is a high quality, cost-effective basic building material used in virtually all forms of construction, from hospitals and homes to schools, tunnels and airports. Argos portland cement meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of ASTM C150 and AASHTO M 85.

These portland cements are typically considered general-purpose cements and are most often used for general construction purposes, such as precast concrete products, reinforced buildings, floors, sewers, bridges, and pavements. Portland Type I/II and II offer moderate sulfate resistance; Portland Type I/II MH and II MH offer moderate sulfate resistance and heat of hydration properties.

Portland Limestone Cement PLC Type IL

Argos Type IL is a hydraulic, blended portland-limestone cement that is more environmentally friendly than regular portland cements. It has equal or better performance compared to Type I/II portland cement. Argos Type IL portland-limestone cement meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of ASTM C595, ASTM C1157 and AASHTO M 240.

White Portland Cement

Argos white portland cement is a rich and beautiful unblended shade, formulated to produce an ideal concrete finish with great uniformity and lasting aesthetic appeal. If your project involves architectural concrete, white cement may be an excellent option to meet your needs and specifications. Argos white portland cement meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of ASTM C150 and AASHTO M 85.

Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) may be used to partially replace the portland cement content of a product either individually or in combination with other SCMs to improve your concrete’s sustainability, performance and long-term durability. In addition to enhancing the physical properties of the concrete, SCMs are often recycled byproducts of industrial processes. By using these byproducts as SCMs, we’re contributing to sustainable construction initiatives that preserve our environment for future generations.