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At Argos we strive to be a workplace where a consistent leadership style is displayed, personal and professional growth are encouraged, work-life balance is supported, teamwork and cooperation among coworkers is common, and results are achieved in a proper manner.

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At Argos, we are more than just cement and concrete. With a history that spans more than 80 years, we are leaders of our industry across our operations in the United States, Colombia, as well as the Caribbean and Central America.

We are convinced that great companies are made up of great people. It is our great people, whose hard work allows us to position ourselves as an industry benchmark. Our great people are backed by an organization that not only believes in them, but believes in doing the right thing—even when it’s not the easy thing, even when it’s expensive or unpopular. So what do we believe the “right things” are?

  • Safety. We firmly believe that, in terms of health and safety, the only acceptable number is ZERO. We empower our employees to address any unsafe situation, and always behave in a safe way. Through our commitment to going above and beyond in the pursuit of safety, we’re helping to make our customers and communities safer.
  • Environmental stewardship. We believe that we are all responsible to do our part to protect the environment. We have implemented several programs throughout the organization to help prevent, reduce, mitigate, correct, and compensate for both our current and future impacts.
  • Innovation and R&D. Our innovation and research and development programs help us stay on top of industry trends, provide customers with the cutting-edge and sustainable solutions they need, keep our employees and communities safe, and reduce our carbon footprint. Innovation is an integral component in all we do.
  • Community. We’re committed to giving back and creating value for our communities through our commitment to being good neighbors and allies, and through our volunteer work.

Lastly, we’re committed to continued growth and improvement in each of these areas: growth for our people and in our community involvement, improvement of our platforms, safety measures, environmental safeguards, and innovation. Our job will never be done.

Together, we can build a future better than we imagined, by helping build sustainable cities for the next generations.


We lay the foundation for sustainable development and constantly innovate in order to look to the future with hope. We take on big challenges that enable us to forge new paths, build realities and transcend boundaries by taking concrete and confident steps.


The most used construction material in the world, cement is a binding material with adherent and resistant properties that make it ideal for many types of construction.


A mixture of cement, aggregates (e.g. sand, gravel), and water, which, when hardened, has the capacity to withstand large compressive forces.