Atlanta Ready Mix Team Donates Concrete for First Monument Dedicated to Homeless Veteran War Heroes

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Monument created through nonprofit program Homeless Veterans for Cherokee County's Veterans Park

Our Atlanta Ready Mix team recently donated 15 yards of concrete from our Canton plant to help construct the first monument dedicated to homeless veteran war heroes.

Created through Homeless Veterans, a nonprofit program of the American Legion, the statue depicts a male and female soldier, with a goal of generating awareness of former service personnel in need. Statistics show Cherokee County, where our Canton plant is located, has the second highest number of homeless veterans of any county in Georgia.

A large U.S. flag stands as the structure’s centerpiece surrounded by five granite walls and plaques of the names and mottos of every branch of the military, as well as the year each branch was founded. The pentagon-shaped plaza surrounding the monument includes seat walls and a five-pointed star with a column at the point and the seal for each branch of the armed services on the column. The monument also includes a tribute to veterans who are, or were, prisoners of war, as well as those who are still missing in action.

This monument is located in Cherokee County’s Veterans Park and was brought forth initially by the local community in Cherokee County, who expressed a desire to honor and help those who gave so much for our country, and yet now struggle to make ends meet. By helping construct this monument, our team is supporting our higher purpose of helping to build the dreams that help boost development and transform lives.