Argos Harleyville and Roberta Cement Plants Achieve ENERGY STAR® Certification for 2021

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Harleyville and Roberta Cement plants in the United States were recognized for their commitment to reducing and efficient use of energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to protecting the environment.

As proof of the above, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) once again granted ENERGY STAR® certification to the cement plants located in Harleyville, South Carolina, and Calera, Alabama. These distinctions ratify Argos' environmental commitment.

Argos Harleyville plant, located in South Carolina, also stands out for its cement grinding, which operates with approximately half the energy consumption that a traditional grinding requires and the use of co-processing waste materials as alternative fuels. For its part, the Roberta plant in Calera, Alabama, has been historically recognized for using, to a large extent, alternative fuels and energy optimization processes.

Argos reaffirms its commitment to responsible energy use and will continue contributing to the development and sustainable growth of the countries and territories where it operates.



 ENERGY STAR ® evaluates and compares energy use in production plants with similar operating characteristics. Plants with a verified energy performance score of 75 out of 100 or higher are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification, which means they perform better than 75% of the plants within their industry. The certification is available for 20 manufacturing sectors from cement, steel, and glass to commercial bakeries.