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Customer Service

At Argos USA, our focus is on understanding and meeting customer expectations. Our trained and experienced sales people and dispatch staff are known for their professionalism and responsiveness. Demanding job specifications? Tight or changing schedule? Weather interruptions? Whatever your challenge, we'll work with you to solve the problem and get the job done with the right product in the right place at the right time.

For cement customers, our Customer Value Center provides one-stop phone access to place and track orders or check account status.

Our customer support also includes one of the industry's most expert technical staffs. We make sure we understand your job specifications fully, including environmental, climate, aesthetic and lifecycle issues. Where there are special requirements, our sales and quality assurance teams work together to recommend or design the right product for your needs and perform appropriate trial and field tests.

Our mixer operators are an essential part of our customer service team, and receive ongoing training to make sure they are the most professional drivers in the industry.