From standard ready mixed concretes for typical applications to high-spec custom mixes for the most challenging situations, our concrete plants are ready to produce and deliver exactly the right product to the right place at the right time. Argos operates over 300 concrete plants throughout the southeastern United States, including four mobile plants.

You can call our local dispatch center or fax us a job description and we will call you. View our locations map by area.

Sustainable Products
Sustainable/green and LEED-compliant concrete for residential applications
Drain Crete®
Pervious concrete is a special blend and discontinued mixture of coarse aggregate, cementitious material, and water with storm water retention properties.
Sustainable/green and LEED-compliant concrete for commercial applications
Top Green
Sustainable/green and LEED-compliant concrete for infrastructure applications
Value-added/Specialty Products - VASP
Palette Crete™
Palette CreteTM  is a portfolio of decorative colored concrete that is available in a series of rich, earth tone colors that complement the environment and meet projects' interior and exterior architectural design needs. Four basic colors produce over 800 variations. Please contact your local sales representative to view our color selection.
Colored Concrete

ConcrePave®  is a comprehensive family of optimized concrete mixtures designed for a variety of concrete pavement applications to yield the following benefits:

  • High-early strengths
  • Fast tracking
  • Early form removal
  • Efficient labor utilization

The flagship of the family of ConcrePave products is ConcrePave® 4x4. It is an innovative, cost effective, high early strength concrete uniquely designed for fast track pavement repairs. Other ConcrePave® family of products includes the following:

ConcrePave® 4x4 400 Psi Flexural in 4 hours
ConcrePave® 4x6 400 Psi Flexural in 6 hours
ConcrePave® 4x8 400 Psi Flexural in 8 hours
ConcrePave® 4x12 400 Psi Flexural in 12 hours
ConcrePave® 4xn 400 Psi Flexural in N hours
ConcrePave® CM Curb Mixtures
ConcrePave® Flex Flexual Mixtures
ConcrePave® LS Low Shrinkage Paving/ Slab Mixtures
ConcrePave® 467 467 Blend Paving/ Slab Mixtures
ConcrePave® FBR Slab/ Paving Mixtures with Fiber

ConcreFlow® is an extensive family of flowable and fluid concrete mixtures designed to drastically ease concrete placement to achieve the following benefits:

  • Ease of placement and consolidation
  • Significantly reduced or no vibration
  • Efficient labor utilization

The flagship of the family of ConcreFlow® products is ConcreFlow® SCC. It is a highly flowable concrete mixture that incorporates a unique formulation of high-range water reducing admixtures to spread and flow into place, fill formwork, and encapsulate even the most congested reinforcement. Other ConcreFlow® family of products includes the following:

ConcreFlow® BFBlock Fill
ConcreFlow® FFXFlowable Fill Excavatable
ConcreFlow® FFNXFlowable Fill Non Excavatable
ConcreFlow® GRTGrout
ConcreFlow® ICFInsulated Concrete Form Mixture
ConcreFlow® P22" Pump Mixture
ConcreFlow® P33" Pump Mixture
ConcreFlow® PPPump Primer
ConcreFlow® SCCSelf-Consolidating Concrete
Other VASP Products

These are special types of concrete with extraordinary properties and may require special/unusual techniques in batching, transportation, placement, finishing, curing, protection and testing.

  • Architectural Concrete
  • Controlled-density Fill
  • Exposed-aggregate Concrete
  • Fast Track/High Early Concrete
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Fill Concrete
  • Heavyweight Concrete
  • High Performance Concrete
  • High Strength Concrete
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Low-density Concrete
  • Mass Concrete
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Roller-compacted Concrete
  • Shrinkage Compensating Concrete
  • Silica Fume Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Superplasticized Concrete
  • Tremie Concrete
  • Type “K” Concrete
  • White Cement Concrete
  • Zero Slump Concrete
  • ICF
Associated/Extra Concrete Products

These are admixtures, additives, or other items added to concrete to improve its plastic and/or hardened properties or aesthetics.

  • Accelerating Admixture (Chloride or Non-Chloride)
  • Air-entraining Admixture
  • Fibers – Synthetic and Steel
  • Coloring Admixtures
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture
  • High-range Water Reducing Admixture
  • Hot Water
  • Hydration Control Admixture/Stabilizer
  • Ice/Chilled Water
  • Mid-range Water Reducing Admixture
  • Retarding Admixture
  • Silica Fume/Micro Silica
  • Shrinkage Reducing Admixture
  • Type "K" Cement
  • White Cement
Building/Miscellaneous Products
Concrete Blocks
Versatile interlocking concrete blocks are constructed of quality concrete for long-term use against the elements. Available plain or decorated, they are ideal for retaining walls, road barriers, bulkheads and beach erosion barriers.
Landscape Blocks
Easy-to-install interlocking landscape blocks have a rock face texture and are available in multiple configurations for building curved walls, terraced retaining walls, steps and other applications.

Expansion Joint (Limited Locations)

Rebar (Limited Locations)

Concrete Sealers

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